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One of our socks is missing.

For the curious, here is how much I can knit in one week when confronted with hours and hours of software training. Add on three hours of TV (yes, I am one of the three people in the United States still watching Workout) to turn the heel, and voila – two-thirds of a sock. Specs: Trekking 107 on size 0 Addi Turbos a la Magic Loop. Want to play along at home? Couldn’t be simpler: Cast on 64 stitches, rib for one inch, increase to 72 evenly (i.e. once every 8 stitches) in the last row of ribbing, knit in stockinette for 6 more inches, make Sherman heel. I do use a row counter while Sherman-ing to keep track of how many unworked stitches I have on each side, but you may have better powers of concentration than I do. After the heel, I’ll most likely decrease to 68 or even 64 stitches for the foot, because my feet are tiny, then do a round toe at the 7.25 inch mark for a total foot length of just over nine inches. Then, because that’s just the way I am, I’ll do it all over again for my other foot. [Note that this assumes I already know the number of cast-on stitches I need because I know the number of stitches to the inch I’m getting – if you’re thinking “Hey, that sounds easy, I’ll just jump right in,” you might want to knit a gauge swatch first. – Ed.]

I do feel a sense of urgency here, because these socks seem to have gone missing. These Cherry Tree Hill socks are also AWOL. Sadly, my anal-retentive side doesn’t seem to include “sock organization skills” – I have no idea where they might be. The bottom of a suitcase? The back of a drawer? Either way, fall is coming, and I am pretty much sockless. So this Trekking pair is part of the “sock me up” plan – when she was in Ann Arbor, Stephanie reminded the knitters present that she finishes several pairs a year simply by having a sock handy when she’s faced with waiting time. I certainly have waiting time; I should have more socks. Also? I should obviously have a sock search party.

Making the doughnuts.

I’m so sorry – I keep thinking I’ve actually written something here, but every time I look, it’s still the same, and I realize “You were just thinking that about the sock – actually writing it down is another completely different step.” Herewith, some notes from the underground (ha!):

Again with the Retro Rib: The heel is turned, the gusset is mere rows from being completed – all that remains is the foot, and of course, the toe. I have approximately a million hours (okay, a week’s worth) of software training coming up and I thought “this pattern is too complex to knit while I look like I am paying attention for eight solid hours a day.” Why not start something new? Something simple, yet not just another stockinette sock? Inspired by this lovely Trekking sock and the purchase of some Trekking in my favorite colors (lime green and pink – I can’t look away!), I started the chevron pattern my own self and then when I stopped to admire my work as Maggie Righetti recommends, I noticed I had screwed up twice in the space of two hours. The garter stitch cuff I’ve got covered, but lose one YO and it seems lost forever. Unsurprisingly, I am back to thinking the Retro Ribs are looking like a good choice (but I reserve the right to give in to desperation and start a plainer sock – eight hours a day is a lot of training).

I’m feeling pretty monagamous, project-wise: I have just 2 1/2 things in progress right now: the Retro Ribs, the Cable Cardigan (Good Lord – remember that?) sweater – and the 1/2 a project is a dishcloth I haven’t shown you yet. How virtuous is that? I am finishing things I have started, I am knitting from stash, and it’s all good. In the spirit of knitting simplicity (I urge you check out that link), I even destashed, and sold off some yarn when Knit One Purl Too’s Color Choosing Specialist (aka my husband) said “That Lopi is too brown – it would be too much for me.” I can take a hint and I’m not going to spend a lot of time knitting a sweater that’s not the bee’s knees for my sweetie. Between that and the finishing of projects, I’m feeling…simpler.

I’m also feeling busier – my lack of posts can be attributed in part to a huge freelance writing project that has me writing a lot, almost every day for the next few months…in addition to my regular job, where I write and raise money and work with volunteers and analyze spreadsheets and charts and all that. On the bright side, freelancing pays extraordinarily well, especially when compared with the average nonprofit salary. But I’ll try to keep updates coming; even as my free time dwindles you know knitting will be the last luxury I’ll give up. And when the stash is small enough, my future yarn purchases will already be paid for. Sweet deal, no?