On the needles

Newfoundland Mitt minus Thumb The Newfoundland Mitts are part of my effort to knit from my queue in 2010 so I can enjoy making some of the patterns I’ve wanted to knit for years. Convenient, no? Brown Sheep Shepherd’s Shades and a ball of Noro Kureyon originally destined for the Lizard Ridge afghan I am still planning to make, for sure. See all entries for this project.

Sea Lettuce Scarf Progress A destash of both yarn (gifted to me Christmas 07) and pattern (gifted to me summer 06), this project is easy enough for almost-mindless knitting, but the results are pretty spectacular. Slow going, but worth it; I’m chipping away a this project little by little in between other things – it’s perfect takealong knitting. See all entries for this project.

Paraphernalia Progress Started immediately after a 40th birthday trip to Chicago, I think these socks are the bee’s knees – but I stalled out after the first one and am planning to finish up the second in Spring 2010 (yes, I have a schedule). Somehow, I ended up with a lot of brown socks on the needles in 2009. See all entries for this project.

Wishbone Sock, First Repeat Wishbone Lace Socks, by Nancy Bush in Apple Laine Apple Butter sock yarn (major destash, purchased in 2003) from the March/April 2008 issue of Piecework (now officially my favorite magazine to which I am not (yet) subscribing. Started March 2008, in deep hibernation, but due to resurface in 2010. I love structural, geometric lace; I could say that I wanted to knit lace in a dark yarn because a. I think a great pattern deserves a great yarn, or b. I am determined to make things as difficult as possible for myself. See all entries for this project.